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Automated Callouts and Notifications

Say goodbye to the slow, error-filled manual process, and welcome a new era of compliance, speed, and accuracy in scheduling. Snap Schedule 365 not only saves precious time with its advanced automated callout system but also adheres to labor and union rules, ensuring your operations are both efficient and compliant.

Find Coverage Gaps

Snap Schedule will automatically detect coverage gaps. This provides a clear overview of when and where more staffing is needed to ensure that all shifts are covered.

Specify Criteria

Your criteria can include employee qualifications, skill levels, availability, previous work hours, and compliance with labor laws or union rules. This guarantees that only the most suitable employees are selected for each shift.

Begin Callout Automation

With the click of a button, you can start the automated callout process. Based on the criteria you’ve set, the system contacts eligible and available employees for you.

Shifts Assigned

Snap Schedule monitors the callout process in real-time. By tracking which employees have been contacted and who has accepted or declined the shift, you can spot any remaining coverage gaps and make quick adjustments.

Powerful Rules-based Engine

Fill open shifts with ease

Our Automated Callouts & Notifications feature leverages a powerful rules-based engine, allowing you to set specific criteria based on your operational needs and regulatory requirements. Once configured, Snap Schedule dives into your scheduling data, identifies the best-fit employees and automatically notifies them based on your predefined rules. This not only saves valuable time but also enhances shift coverage reliability.

  • Identify best-fit employee candidates for open shifts
  • Automatically invite employees to open shift opportunities
  • Notify employees via SMS, in-app messaging, even voice calls
  • Employee acceptances instantly turn into assignments

Customizable Logic

Configure rules to meet your business needs

We understand that every business has unique scheduling challenges. That’s why our Automated Callouts & Notifications feature offers the flexibility to create unlimited custom rules to address various operational demands. Snap Schedule provides the tools you need to tailor your callout process precisely.

  • Adhere to regulatory compliance issues
  • Satisfy union and collective bargaining agreements
  • Manage overtime distribution
  • Align with staffing policies

Equitable Work Distribution

Be transparent in awarding overtime

Transparency and fairness in work distribution are paramount, especially in environments governed by strict union rules or collective bargaining agreements. Our automated system ensures that callouts are made fairly and equitably, thereby reducing employee grievances. Every action is logged, so you can prove equitable work distribution and compliance with organizational policies.

  • Call employees in order, impartially and equitably
  • Reduce grievances
  • Foster a positive workplace culture
  • Provide a clear audit trail

Real-Time Insights

Maintain operational continuity

Stay ahead with 24/7 access to real-time status updates on your crews. Snap Schedule’s intuitive dashboard enables proactive management of your workforce. This visibility is critical for maintaining operational continuity and meeting service level agreements, ensuring you have the right staff, in the right place, at the right time.

  • Maintain a complete picture of the callout process
  • Monitor who has accepted, declined or not responded to invitations
  • View in real-time the overall status as open shifts are filled
  • Take manual control of the callout process if needed

Automated Callout Processing

Eliminate manual callout time and mistakes

Embrace the future of employee scheduling with Snap Schedule’s Automated Callouts & Notifications. Say goodbye to manual callout processes and welcome an era of enhanced efficiency, transparency, and employee satisfaction. By automating the mundane aspects of scheduling, your management team can focus on what truly matters—growing your business and supporting your team.

  • Replacing manual operations with automated processing
  • Reduce errors and improve efficiency
  • Ensure equitability and avoid favoritism

Ready to see Snap Schedule in action?

Our product specialists will customize a demo that addresses each challenge, question, and goal you have—all at your convenience.

Frequently asked questions

How does Snap Schedule ensure fairness and compliance when filling open shifts?

Snap Schedule employs a rules-based engine that allows administrators to set up customized callout rules that adhere to company policies, union agreements, and legal regulations. By specifying criteria such as seniority, skills, work hours, and availability, the system ensures that open shifts are offered to employees in a fair and compliant manner. Every step of the callout process is logged, creating a transparent audit trail that supports equitable work distribution and compliance verification.

Can Snap Schedule handle complex scheduling scenarios, such as sudden changes or emergency fill-ins?

Yes, Snap Schedule is designed to manage complex scheduling scenarios with ease. Its automated callout and notification system can quickly identify and notify the most suitable employees to cover sudden changes or emergency fill-ins. The system’s ability to promptly adjust to real-time staffing needs ensures that operations continue smoothly, without interruption. Moreover, administrators can specify multiple criteria to ensure that the right employees are contacted for each specific scenario, enhancing operational readiness and response times.

How do employees interact with the Snap Schedule callout system, and what happens if they can’t take a shift?

Employees can receive callout notifications through their preferred method of communication, such as SMS, in-app notifications, email, or phone calls, ensuring they are promptly informed of open shifts. They can then accept or decline the shifts directly through the same communication channel or using the Snap Schedule Employee Remote Access application on their mobile device. If an employee is unable to take a shift, the system automatically logs their response and moves on to contact the next suitable candidate based on the predefined criteria. This process continues until the open shift is filled, ensuring efficient shift coverage. The system also tracks these interactions, providing valuable data for monitoring response rates and understanding employee availability patterns.