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Auto scheduling

Transform how you schedule

Automate schedule generation with Snap Schedule and bring efficiency and precision to your workforce.

How Auto Scheduling Works:

Team-based Scheduling

Organize employees into teams, and Snap Schedule will intelligently assign shifts, ensuring an equitable distribution of work.

Customizable Shift Patterns

Create and manage shift patterns to define the exact sequence of shifts you need over any given period.

Apply Schedule Plans

Leverage pre-built or custom schedule plans to assign shift patterns to teams over specific cycles or legs.

Generate Schedules with a Click

Specify your start date and the number of cycles, and let Snap Schedule’s auto-scheduling do the rest.

Time-Saving Automation

Avoid repetitive scheduling work

Snap Schedule’s auto-scheduling feature dramatically reduces the time managers spend on scheduling. By automating shift assignments, the system ensures that all shifts are covered efficiently, which enables managers to dedicate more time to strategic decision-making and enhance team productivity.

  • Visually define shift patterns and schedule plans
  • Use a simple wizard-based approach to generate schedules
  • Stop wasting time with mundane tasks

Precision and COntrol

Easily configure the automation to your needs

Despite its automated capabilities, auto-scheduling offers unparalleled precision and control. Managers can customize every aspect of the scheduling process.

  • Define employee teams
  • Create shift patterns
  • Adjust schedule plans to meet operational needs
  • Generate schedules effortlessly

Automatic Shift Distribution

Ensure fairness and transparency

Our system ensures an equitable distribution of shifts, promoting fairness and transparency within the workplace. By automatically rotating shifts among team members and adhering to predefined rules, it helps prevent scheduling conflicts and reduces the potential for employee grievances, leading to higher satisfaction and morale.

  • Employ repeated patterns and rotations
  • Follow industry-recognized rotations or define your own
  • Ensure balanced hours across a work period

Customizable Task Assignments

Integrate task assignments

Expand the granularity of your scheduling by defining specific tasks within each shift pattern. This addition allows managers to assign not just shifts but also specific responsibilities to team members during their shifts, and ensure that all critical tasks are accounted for and completed on time.

  • Rotate tasks among employees
  • Ensure all necessary tasks are covered
  • Schedule breaks on a rotational basis

Flexibility in Application

Schedule whole teams or individual employees

Apply shift patterns to entire teams or individual employees with ease, offering the flexibility to manage both broad team schedules and individual workloads. This feature caters to the diverse needs of your workforce, accommodating both uniform team schedules and unique individual requirements. This ensures that every aspect of your operation is covered.

  • Accommodate both uniform team schedules
  • Support individual employee requirements
  • Instantly incorporate new employees mid-cycle

Ready to see Snap Schedule in action?

Our product specialists will customize a demo that addresses each challenge, question, and goal you have—all at your convenience.

Frequently asked questions

How does auto-scheduling handle sudden changes or last-minute absences?

Auto-scheduling is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for quick adjustments to the schedule in response to sudden changes or last-minute absences. Managers can easily update the schedule plan or shift pattern table to accommodate these changes. Furthermore, the system’s ability to apply shift patterns to individual employees or teams ensures that adjustments can be made efficiently to maintain operational continuity. For urgent changes, the system also supports manual intervention to reassign shifts or tasks as needed, ensuring that all critical roles are covered.

Can I customize auto-scheduling to adhere to specific labor laws or union rules?

Yes, auto-scheduling in Snap Schedule is highly customizable to ensure compliance with labor laws, union rules, and company policies. Managers can define shift patterns, schedule plans, and team assignments that comply with specific regulations regarding working hours, rest periods, and overtime. This customization capability ensures that all automatically generated schedules meet the necessary legal and contractual obligations, providing peace of mind and reducing the risk of compliance issues.

Is it possible to integrate specific tasks within the auto-scheduled shifts, and how detailed can these tasks be?

Auto-scheduling in Snap Schedule allows for the integration of specific tasks within each auto-scheduled shift, offering a detailed approach to task management. Managers can define tasks that need to be completed during each shift and include them into the shift patterns. This ensures that not only are shifts covered, but all necessary work is accounted for and rotated among the employees. The level of detail for these tasks can be customized to suit the operational needs of the business, allowing for everything from broad categories of work to specific, time-sensitive tasks to be scheduled and tracked through the system.