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pto accrual & tracking

Track, Accrue, and Manage Time Off Seamlessly

Discover how Snap Schedule 365 simplifies time off accrual and tracking. Effortlessly manage employee leave, track accruals, and ensure compliance with ease, streamlining your workforce management processes.

Create the Policies

Effortlessly establish customizable time off policies that align with your organization’s specific requirements and employee eligibility criteria.

Live Monitoring

Gain immediate visibility into employee time off balances and transactions, ensuring accurate tracking and management of accruals

Make Adjustments and Generate Reports

Simplify balance adjustments and enhance decision-making with detailed reports on time off data and trends.

Allow Employee Access

Provide employees with instant access to their time off information, fostering transparency and trust through real-time updates.

Customizable Accrual Policies

Create Perfectly Tailored Time Off Accrual Policies with Ease

Snap Schedule enables you to effortlessly create and manage time off accrual policies tailored to your organization’s needs. Whether it’s weekly, monthly, or annually, set accruals to start on specific dates, after a certain period post-hire, or on special occasions. Customize accrual rates and maximum balances based on employment duration, and easily define eligibility for different types of time off

  • Fine-tune policies to your organization’s rhythm.
  • Align accruals with your schedule, from day one or special milestones
  • Set rates based on employment milestones for fairness and motivation
  • Easily designate who gets what type of time off

LIVE Monitoring & Transparency

Monitor Time Off Accruals with Detailed Records and Insights

Keep track of each employee’s time off balance with detailed transaction records, including automatic accruals and running balances. Snap Schedule provides a clear view of time off hours accrued and requested, ensuring transparency and ease of management.

  • Monitor time off balances and transactions with ease
  • Stay updated with seamless automatic updates to employee balances
  • View requested time off hours for clear, informed management


Empower your team with real-time PTO tracking at their fingertips

Empower your employees by giving them access to view their time off accrual records and balances in real-time through the convenient mobile app. This feature enhances transparency and satisfaction by keeping employees informed about their time off benefits. Employees can:

  • Access their time off balances anytime, anywhere on the mobile app
  • See their accrued time off instantly, fostering trust and clear communication
  • Plan and request their time off with confidence of approval

Ready to see Snap Schedule in action?

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Frequently asked questions

How does Snap Schedule simplify time off accrual management?

Snap Schedule allows you to easily create time off accrual policies for any type of time off, with options to accrue weekly, monthly, annually, or per work period. You can set accrual start dates, create different accrual brackets based on employment duration, and define eligibility for each type of time off.

Can I monitor my employees’ time off balances and transaction records

Yes! With Snap Schedule, you can effortlessly monitor each employee’s time off balance and view detailed transaction records, including automatic accruals, running balances, and time off hours being requested. This feature provides you with a comprehensive overview of your employees’ time off

What if I need to make manual adjustments to an employee’s time off balance?

Snap Schedule makes it easy to make manual adjustments, reset balances, and allow notes entry for additional details and audit trails. This flexibility ensures that you can accurately manage time off balances and maintain clear records of any changes made.

Can employees access their time off accrual records and balances

Absolutely! Snap Schedule’s mobile app that allows employees to view their time off accrual records and balances in real-time. This feature empowers your employees to stay informed about their available time off and helps them plan their work-life balance more effectively.