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employee scheduling

Move beyond manual scheduling

Snap Schedule makes employee scheduling easy. It helps companies avoid scheduling mishaps, maximize labor productivity, and improve employee work-life balance.

Efficient and Powerful Software

Save time scheduling employees

Plan your workforce with agility and precision while reducing the amount of time you spend creating and maintaining schedules.

  • Manage your labor force in real time
  • Quickly spot coverage gaps
  • Resolve conflicts immediately
  • Prevent overtime expenses before they happen

Complete Scheduling Tool

See the whole picture, from every angle

Managing employee scheduling is hard work. It is even harder if your data is spread out in spreadsheets, email, and other tools.

  • Centralize your entire schedule into one place
  • Select from employee-centric or shift-centric views
  • Work in an individual employee’s calendar
  • Drill down into the day’s specific tasks
  • Report on anything and everything you can think of

Advanced Calculations

Control labor costs and reduce overtime

Snap Schedule automatically and instantly totals employee work hours and costs so you can see exactly how payroll is impacted.

  • Calculate overtime using full-featured rules
  • Determine on-call or stand-by pay
  • Include shift premiums
  • Accumulate time off hours

Schedule Validation

Maximize productivity. Minimize overages.

Scheduling the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time delivers peak ROI. Snap Schedule’s complete and customizable validation engine instantly flags areas of concern.

  • Avoid shift assignment conflicts
  • Ensure employees are authorized to work
  • Identify skills that are required but missing
  • Prevent hours that exceed minimum / maximum limits

Employee Remote Access

Keep everyone on track, always

Engage employees and scheduling managers with full access to scheduling features on their mobile devices. You have the option to allow employees to perform various tasks, including:

  • See their schedule, and their co-workers schedule
  • Request time off
  • Bid on open shift opportunities
  • Trade shifts with coworkers
  • Punch in/out and edit their time card

Configurable CAllout Rules

Reduce compliance issues

Plan and execute employee schedules that reduce grievances and bring transparency to the process. Improve employee productivity and work-life balance as it relates to overtime.

  • Comply with labor laws, collective agreements and employee contracts
  • Enforce callout and shift bidding rules
  • Equalize overtime opportunities
  • Prevent over-work and ensure minimum rest
Explore Employee Callout

Ready to see Snap Schedule in action?

Our product specialists will customize a demo that addresses each challenge, question, and goal you have—all at your convenience.

Frequently asked questions

What is employee scheduling software?

Employee scheduling software helps employees and schedulers manage the work schedule, by automating key processes and observing rules and parameters on behalf of the organization. Automating the process improves productivity for an organization by allowing the saved time to be used for other activities. Employee scheduling software empowers the employee in the process, allowing them to have more transparency into and interaction with the schedule making process.  Snap Schedule supports all types of businesses that face scheduling challenges, even ones with very complicated parameters.

What types of organizations are best suited to use Snap Schedule?

Snap Schedule was built to support organizations with scheduling needs that are difficult to meet manually. If your organization has a multi-site workforce, flexible demand for workers, labor law compliance, difficulty managing overtime, or a bloated employee scheduling process, then Snap Schedule would make a great partner. Snap Schedule supports Fire Departments, Police Departments, Construction Workers, Libraries, and many more types of businesses.Try Snap Schedule for free to learn how Snap Schedule can support your organization.

How do employees access their work schedules with Snap Schedule?

Employees are able to access their work schedules online on mobile, tablet and desktop devices through the Snap Schedule platform. Employees are able to request time off, punch in/out, shift trade, and more using the Snap Schedule platform anytime.

How many employees can I schedule with Snap Schedule?

There’s no limit to how many employees you can schedule with Snap Schedule. The platform scales up or down as your needs change, in order to provide the best support we can.