Elevate Workforce Scheduling with Snap Schedule 365

Leading companies rely on Snap Schedule for optimal workforce coordination

Optimizing Shift and Time Off Scheduling

Navigate complex shift arrangements and time off, enable effortless shift trading, and ensure precision in meeting your scheduling needs, all within a flexible and user-friendly platform.

Save Time and Headaches with AI-Enabled Scheduling

Unlock the ease and efficiency of AI-enabled scheduling. Align staffing seamlessly with your business needs, achieving operational efficiency while fostering employee work-life balance. Harness the power of AI for fast, precise, and compliant scheduling. Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional scheduling and welcome a smarter, more streamlined workforce management experience.

Automate shift bids and callouts, ensuring seamless operations

Revolutionize shift management by automating callouts and shift bidding for all demands, allowing your qualified employees to bid on shifts, and efficiently filling positions to maintain operational continuity with minimal manual effort and downtime.

Boost productivity with tailored task scheduling

Boost workforce productivity with advanced task scheduling, seamlessly assigning your employees to tasks within each shift and customizing timings for precise alignment with your requirements, enhancing overall efficiency.

Prioritize employee preferences for efficient annual scheduling

Streamline annual selection processes by prioritizing employees on a ranked list to select their preferred time off and shift patterns, ensuring transparency and efficiency.

Seamless Integration: Secure Access and On-Demand Data Transfer

Effortlessly integrate with external systems via diverse methods like RestFul-API and sftp, ensuring secure access and facilitating on-demand data transfer for comprehensive interoperability.

Frequently asked questions

Employee scheduling software helps employees and schedulers manage the work schedule, by automating key processes and observing rules and parameters on behalf of the organization. Automating the process improves productivity for an organization by allowing the saved time to be used for other activities. Employee scheduling software empowers the employee in the process, allowing them to have more transparency into and interaction with the schedule making process.  Snap Schedule supports all types of businesses that face scheduling challenges, even ones with very complicated parameters.

Snap Schedule was built to support organizations with scheduling needs that are difficult to meet manually. If your organization has a multi-site workforce, flexible demand for workers, labor law compliance, difficulty managing overtime, or a bloated employee scheduling process, then Snap Schedule would make a great partner. Snap Schedule supports Fire Departments, Police Departments, Construction Workers, Libraries, and many more types of businesses.Try Snap Schedule for free to learn how Snap Schedule can support your organization.

Employees are able to access their work schedules online on mobile, tablet and desktop devices through the Snap Schedule platform. Employees are able to request time off, punch in/out, shift trade, and more using the Snap Schedule platform anytime.

There’s no limit to how many employees you can schedule with Snap Schedule. The platform scales up or down as your needs change, in order to provide the best support we can.